Custom Pet Portraits Painted from Photographs of your Pets

Artful Pet is your source for the most stunning, creative custom pet portraits of your pet based off of your photo in any painting style you want (whimsical, pop-art, contemporary, etc).  Capture your pet’s personality on museum quality canvas!

toy-poodle-cute-dog-adorable-pet-portrait-custom-portraits-dogs dylan-black-labrador-retriever-custom-pet-portrait-dog-portraits-pop-art cute-guinea-pig-pet-portrait-whimsical-art portrait-veterinarian-leslie-jones-gorgeous-dog-australian-shepard-painting

Austin artist Emily Robbins paints custom artful mixed-media portraits of any pet type – dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, fish, rabbits, horses, etc.  and can also create any unique background

Artful Pet Portraits make wonderful personalized gifts and are also a great way to memorialize your best buddy!!  Email the artist to get a personalized quote at [email protected]

3 thoughts on “Custom Pet Portraits Painted from Photographs of your Pets

  1. Kathy Sisk

    Hello Emily, I just wanted to check in and see if by chance you have started on Lebo’s portrait and see how it’s coming along ? Hope you are having a good day ! Thanks, Kathy

    1. Art Pet Portraits Post author

      Hi Kathy!

      Yes, I’ve begun working on Lebo’s portrait – it’s still in the early stages (I had to finish a piece for another client first), but I really like how it’s coming along! Oh, and good news! I found the canvas size you originally wanted (24×30) — it’s definitely a better choice. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  2. Leslie

    OMG!! I love the piggy 🙂 SOOO cute and simply wonderful- I love my portrait and can’t wait to share you fabulous artwork with all my clients and friends in VA! Thank you, my friend, for such an amazing gift!


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